Rila Map Northwestern Borovets

Rila Map Northwestern Borovets

Rila Northwestern and Borovets map – first edition, ISBN 978-954-91624-1-5
Map scale 1 : 35000, contour lines by 25 m
The edition is pocket size 12/22 folded and 100/70 cm. expanded.

The map is in csale 1:35’000 and contour lines by 25 m. The map is GPS compatible with drawn grid by 1 min, Datum: WGS84, Format: Lat/Lon hddd° mm. mmm’ 

  The borders of all protected areas in the map area are reflected on the map, kindly submited from the direction of the “Rila” National Park. 

Publisher: © Atanas Shumanov, it maps, iskartour – author publisher

And last, but not least, this print edition was realized with the support of:

Bulgaria Portfolios


Link to the map coverage, on the detailed interactive map page of it-maps, iskartour (Opens in new tab).