Mountains Basic Rules it-maps

Mountains Basic Rules

The mountains are wonderful, but they can also be dangerous! Spending time in the mountains safely, means that you have to reduce all risks to a minimum and make all your outings in the mountains as enjoyable as possible.

The beauty of the places you will visit depends on you! Respect nature and take your trash home. Do not pick flowers, disturb animals, make unnecessary noise or light fires.

Respect local cultures and traditions, remembering that you are a guest of the mountains and their inhabitants.

Preparing a route and basic rules of conduct in the mountains

1 Physical conditioning
Assess your physical condition before going out in the mountains and choose a suitable route, according to your experience and the form of the whole group.

2. Equipment
Regardless of the activity practiced, the appropriate equipment for tourism and mountaineering is mandatory:
– non-slip hiking boots
– warm clothing
– water and wind resistant jacet and pants
– sunglasses, hat and gloves
– first aid kit
– sufficient food and drink, including for emergencies.
– a printed version of a detailed map of the area of your route
– GPS tracking device
– mobile phone
– map for mobile navigation
– spare batteries
– make sure you have Mountain Insurance
– ensure yourself with the free application of the Mountain Rescue Service

3. Route planning
You have to plan exactly the route. Not only the length and distance are important, but also the difference in height.

4. The weather
Get acquainted with the meteorological forecast and the conditions in the area of the route.
In winter, check the latest meteorological and avalanche reports for the highlands.

5. Inform someone
Depending on the season, choose a route according to the length of the day. Inform someone (such as your host) about the tour, the exact route, and when you plan to return.

6. The best time to go out in the mountains
Start your hike as early as possible so that you come back early and don’t get caught in the dark.

7. Tourist companions
Never walk alone. Assess the physical shape of your tourism companions, then choose a route according to the physical conditioning of the weakest tourist.

8. Overload
Proper walking speed is paramount for all tourists, depending on your own endurance and the physical conditioning of your companions. Walking too fast causes to overload.

9. Environment
Respect nature in the high mountain regions and do not leave garbage in the mountains. Let’s keep the mountains clean!

Before departure:

And despite everything, if you find yourself in a situation, where you think, that realy need help:

Mountain Rescue Service

Emergency: 112; +359 2 963 0000

Mountain Rescue Service

Have a nice route : )

Mountains Basic Rules it-maps