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The project – it maps, iskartour, started in 2003 with the preparation and elaboration of a map for the creation of a mountain biking complex in the Lakatishka Rila region and the northern slopes of Malyovishka Rila, part of a project of Rila National “Park” and Ecotourism Association “Rila”, which project remained unrealized and in order to realize the costs I had incurred in the work around the preparation, I finished the map and in 2005 I issued it as the first printed edition of the map “Northwestern Rila and Borovets” – the first printed edition of the maps of it maps, iskartour.

Initially, the it maps, iskartour project included and developed alternative tourism, in particular mountain biking tours, ski trekking and off-piste descents, known as backcountry, trekking, sport cраgs and alpinism, and last but not least, paragliding.

In 2012, in view of the economic conditions and the deteriorating economic environment, I decided to stop work on all tours, events and competitions and focus on creating my own cartographic material.

Since 2006, I have a license from OCAD Profesional, a software originally developed for creating maps for orienteering competitions and over the years has become a powerful CAD system specialized in creation of cartographic material.

Related to date – 2020, the project it maps, iskartour, is funded entirely by me and is 100% my personal initiative and investment.

The project continues to develop and will continue to focus on the creation of cartographic material of hard-to-reach areas and mountains of Bulgaria.

About mе, I am a former orienteering competitor, orienteering coach and I have taught skiing, alpinism and orienteering at Central Mountain School “Hristo Prodanov” – Malyovitsa.

My second education is financial, specialty insurance management – Academy of Economics “Dimitar A. Tsenov” – Svishtov, but this has no connection with the project 🙂

Special thanks to all partners and clients, without whom the project would not exist, with wishes for many happy and trouble-free trips in the unique mountains of Bulgaria.

Atanas Shumanov